The Value of One Facebook ‘Like’ For Your Business


Use the power of this influential media to garner huge audience of customers to boost your sales

There was a time when every business had to use unique marketing tools to get noticed. The time has changed now. Today, irrespective of what tactics and strategies you are implementing, your presence on social media is considered to be a must. Your consumers expect you to be there. They want to show their friends that they use your brand. It is a kind of privilege for them – especially if you are a leader in your sector. Therefore, your absence there might upset your audience and this is what you never want to happen.

Many people including your employees may have asked you to create accounts there. Facbook, LinkedIn and Twitter are amidst some of the popular social networking sites.

This is no secret that Facebook is one of the fastest growing social networking sites. It has more than 500 million active users, nearly half of which log in everyday. Ever thought what is so special about this site and what are the perks of being there?

As of 2011, an average person has 130+ friends on Facebook which is expected to further increase in 2012. It means every 1 in 13 people has their account there. Surprisingly, most of them are aged between 18 and 34 years and this number is going up by 74% per annum. Meanwhile, the fierce interest of users aged above 35 is also a good omen for businesses and marketing gurus for they can easily find their target audience online now. This population accounts to nearly 30% of the whole Facebook users.

This convincing statistics is one of the major reasons why everyone want s you to be on Facebook. That why many of your clients have complained that they did not find your page on Facebook? And that why your brand is not as popular as your competitor’s?

On average, 1 million videos, photos and other links are shared on Facebook per minute. The number of friends requests accepted in the same span of time is 2million while, 3 million people communicate here through messages.

Realize the power of being on this social networking platform. Shape up a scenario where you share a promotional message, every fan on your page does the same, considering every one of them has 150+ friends on their list. It means within seconds millions of users will be able to notice your offer.

What else is more powerful tool than this where reaching out to target audience is just a click away? Even companies going through touch and go conditions can also employ this popular tool to reach out to their consumers. All they need is someone who has hands-on experience and a workable strategy to be able to meet their goals.

Save cost. Be on social media. Create your account on Facebook and start using its tons of useful applications. Plus, users can see 30 previous updates on your page. This means none of your effort will go unnoticed.

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