A #CupofFreedom That Outshone All Other Campaigns This Independence Day!


When it comes to advertising and creativity, sky is the limit. This idiom stands true for Tapal Danedar which did something outstanding this Independence Day to outshine all other campaigns designed especially for this day. While every brand was trying to outdo others, Tapal Danedar’s billboard grabbed the attention of Karachiites with its backlit billboard at Two Swords (Do Talwar), which is one of the highest traffic areas in town.

The main idea behind this #CupofFreedom billboard was to reach out to people who are always on the go and are tea lovers at the same time. Needless to say, many of us are chai addicted and are aware of the importance of this hot beverage in our lives.

The billboard was entirely made of Green and White tea cups that were arranged in the same pattern as the color pallets in our Pakistani Flag. Alongside this unique OOH was a message saying ‘Warming the hearts of Pakistan’.

t billboard

Though the billboard was appealing to the eyes, a lot of time and effort was invested in the making of this one of its kind hoarding which was also recorded in a time lapse video that was shared on social media later on. The video went viral in no time and showed people how actually this amazing billboard was made.

Have a look at this video here!

For more details, check out Tapal Danedar’s official pages on Tapal Facebook,  Tapal InstagramTapal Twitter. The hashtag for the campaign were #CupOfFreedom #TapalDanedar #IndependenceDay #Tapal

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