Nestle Pakistan Creates Awareness about the First 1,000 Days of a Child’s Life

Children are a gift of God. No doubt they need to be handled with care all the time – from the moment they are born to the age they enter adulthood. However, the most crucial phase is right after the birth till they are two years old. This is the time when children start learning the most. This is the time when they are growing and need a healthy lifestyle that can make the foundation of a happy and balanced life later on. Since there is a lack of awareness in our society about what diet should be given or not to these children, Nestle Pakistan decided to take an initiative and embarked on a mission to let mothers know about the ‘Start Healthy, Stay Healthy’ campaign.

As part of ‘Start Healthy, Stay Healthy’ campaign, a bloggers meet up was arranged by Nestle Pakistan in Karachi which was attended by nutritionists, socialites, bloggers and other notable personalities. The session was hosted by Dr. Huma Fahim, Medical Advisor in Nestlé Nutrition, who gave an informative presentation on the nutrition children need in the first 1,000 days of their early life. The session was followed by an interactive quiz.

Research suggests that the surroundings during pre and post natal development stages have modulating effects on the life of a baby. In particular, the first 1,000 days of life (from conception until second year of life) are considered to be very important as whatever nutrition is taken during this time has huge effects on the life of a person. The first two years represent the most critical period of growth and development. For example, brain development is completed by the age of two years and the height of a child at this time is almost half the height he or she will have as an adult.

Waqar Ahmad, the Head of Corporate Affairs, said, “Nestlé has an expertise in nutrition and believes it has a responsibility to share that expertise. We want to promote better health through good nutrition in the first 1,000 days of life. Research shows that children who don’t get proper nutrition in their early years can’t fully develop their physical and cognitive potential and are at an increased risk of poor health as adults.”

 “It was an informative event, which helped & educated me about how first 1000 days of a child is important. Not only it was helpful for myself, but it helped me to pass on the knowledge to a lot of women, especially un-educated ones & help them in raising a healthy child” – Rabeeyah Tungekar, a well-known blogger said.



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