Mughal Inspired Bridal Collection by Darwaiz

Darwaiz is one of those brands who have kept the tradition alive. Its collections are an emblem of class and sophistication and have a touch of royalty and modernism at the same time. This is exactly what Darwaiz’s new collection Four Maharanis of Mughal era is all about. This truly unique bridal collection is inspired by Mughal Design Art and includes the following ranges:

  • Shahzadi Jahanara Begum which is Pink in color to make you look young and lively


  • Shahzadi Khanzada Begum which is Blue in color and is embellished with intricate details to give you a royal look


  • Shahzadi Padshah Begum which is Green in color and looks extremely refreshing


  • Roshanara Begum in Bronze to represent her poetic and thoughtful nature


About Darwaiz:

Within a short span of time, Darwaiz has successfully inspired fashionistas with its traditional yet contemporary designs. A brainchild of Designer Komal Khurram and Noman Maimani, Darwaiz is the Luxury Fashion House of Pakistan andi sis a custom-made designer label of Pakistan which is growing fast due to its distinguished styles, meticulous details, novel cuts and a passion to satisfy customers by providing them the best product and services.

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Instagram: @darwaizroyalheritage
Twitter: @darwaizroyalheritage


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