Regular Yet Stylish Hair Ideas for Summer

The last thing I would be worried about on a hot, scorching summer day is spending a lot of time styling my hair. On such days, I want to get rid of this part as soon as possible and hence, look for quick and easy hairstyles. Thanks to a friend who told me about a couple of life-saving hairdos that I am absolutely enjoying and, considering how tough of a job it is, I would like to share these with my beautiful readers  as well so that they do not have to go  through the same torture I went through!

So, here goes the amazing regular but stylish hairdo list for summer

  1. Carefree Waves

Nothing looks classier than loose waves in unbearably hot days. It is easy to carry, effortless and fashionable. To get this look, apply volumizing mousse on your hair, flip it upside down and blow dry till all the dampness goes away. Then bring your head up again and use iron to give it curls in inward and outward directions. Now part them on both sides and there you go!


  1. Voluminous Bun

A bun is one of the finest and easiest hairdos in summers. However, the challenge is to make it look voluminous. What you can do to get this look is gather your hair in a ponytail near your crown. Now use your fingers to shape them in a bun and use pins to fix it. If there are any flyaways and you want to tame them then use hairspray to get a more refined and sophisticated look, otherwise the messy strands do not look bad either.


  1. Smooth Ponytail

A ponytail is perhaps the most common and easiest way to tie hair when you do not even feel like touching it. Here is a trick to make your regular ponytail look like a special one – just add some volume to it. Start off by blow drying your hair and using a comb to smooth the top layer (temple). Now gather hair on the crown and tie it with an elastic band. Use a strand of hair to conceal that band by pinning over it.

Pro tip: High ponytails are ideal for drawing out cheekbones.


Try these regular hairstyles with a touch of modernism and rock any occasion this summer. You can thank me later for all the praises. Do not forget to leave your feedback.

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