Cheeto’s Kung Fu – Where Fun Begins!

Guess what? The dose of fun is back in Pakistan with Chester – the popular Cheeto’s mascot that has been spreading excitement with his mischievous acts everywhere!

The question is how Chester going to do all this? Hmm… well, this time around, he has introduced an interesting kind of Kung Fu fighting. The fight is featured for the first time in Pakistan in a recent television commercial of Cheeto’s Pakistan, which was released just last week. Needless to say with this enthralling performance, the mascot and the TVC have already garnered a lot of attention from the audience which mostly comprises of children.

You know what is the best part about this TVC? There is no show off, no models dancing and no boy trying to impress his girl – definitely a clutter breaker from the regular commercials we get to see on our television screens.

In this latest ad, Chester is seen sharing a snack bowl with his father while watching the TV. The snack that is being shared is obviously Cheeto’s (you can guess it by its distinguished Orange color), which initiates a fantasy battle when it comes to the last bite.

It then takes us to an enjoyable martial arts journey with some cloaked hands flying from here and there that seem like Kung Fu fighters in the first go and keep you hooked to the screen. This act gives us a break from the clichéd predictable ads already running on the screens that bore us to death. (Yes, they do -_-)

For me, this ad is like a resurrection of the brand on the Pakistani TV screens. The execution is flawless and natural. Nothing seems forcefully fitted and the story just goes smoothly. In fact, it emphasizes on building a strong bond between a father and a son over the snack time and takes an interesting turn right when the fun-filled fight starts. Instead of musical jargons sing in a shrill voice, the new Cheeto’s TVC has some easy to recall lines that catches our attention instantaneously. Two of my favorite one-liners are: ‘May the best hand win’… ‘Well done grasshopper’.

All in all, a good advertisement after a long time.

If you haven’t checked out the ad already, watch it on Cheetos Facebook Fan Page.

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