Mobilink Talks About #AaRahaHaiX

So, I logged in on Twitter yesterday and the only thing I saw there was that everybody was talking about their X-es, strange, right? I was shocked too. Then I started reading the tweets on this hashtag “#AaRahaHaiX” and got to know that something exciting is coming up in the telco sector. Now guess which company is going to launch this new product, the rumor has it that it is Mobilink.

Mobilink’s Deputy CEO Amir Ibrahim (@aamir_ibrahim01) himself tweeted on the trend, here are the tweets:

Screenshot_2015-12-15-02-29-04 (2)

Screenshot_2015-12-15-02-29-09 (2)

Mr. Amir Ibrahim also shared a teaser of #AaRahaHaiKoi featuring Nargis fakhri and asked people to stay tuned for the most exciting telecom news of 015.

The campaign seems to be a great end to 2015 and an awesome start to 2016. From what I have gathered, is that Mobilink is about to launch a mobile phone, most probably a smartphone which will be available in various sizes to fit the needs of people belonging to different income groups. Now it is yet to see  that what are these ranges and what the product features are. Cannot wait to see the details unearth as whenever Mobilink comes up with a product/service, they set a new trend in the market.

Meanwhile, the hashtag #AaRahaHaiKoi was warmly accepted by tweeps and many people started tweeting on it. Many of these were off topic, however, they were entertaining and interesting to read. The hashtag was trending for hours in Pakistan.


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Stay tuned for more updates!


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