#Lays #YogurtAndHerb Comes Up With #CleanAndGreen Message!

Recently #Lays Pakistan released a TVC featuring two legends Wasim Akram and Messi for the launch of its new flavor #YogurtAndHerb. The finest players from the worlds of Cricket and Football received a huge response from the fans across Pakistan and worldwide.

Inspired from the amazing response, Lays decided to launch a bumper which was launched on January 23rd, 2016. The TVC revolves around the Swing of Cricket – Wasim Akram, in which he is shown enjoying his favorite #YogurtAndHerb and sharing a CSR message of #CleanAndGreen Pakistan. The message encourages Pakistanis to discard wrappers in dustbins instead of littering around. This is one of the best messages I have seen in a while that promotes a cleaner Pakistan.

Watch the TVC here

Following the launch of this bumper, enthusiasts took to Twitter and expressed their sentiments. Some of the tweets are:

For more details, follow the hashtag #Lays #CleanAndGreen #YogrtAndHerb

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