A Roundup of #FPW16 – Day 3

The stage of Fashion Pakistan Week 2016 has acted as a great platform for budding and established designers and fashionistas to showcase their passion for fashion. We have witnessed this enough on  Day 1  and Day 2 of #FPW16. To be honest, Day 2 was a little better  than the other days in terms of the creativity shown by our designers. Moving on to the Day 3, the following brands and designers were to showcase their collections:

  1. Sonya Batla
  2. Generation
  3. Al Karam
  4. Natasha Kamal
  5. Nida Azwer
  6. Zainab Chottani
  7. Aamna Aqeel
  8. Shamaeel Ansari

Coming back to my favorite designers from the show and their details are as follow:

Nida Azwer

Azwer has “Kirigami” in store for us. ‘Kirigami’ is just like Origami, except for the fact that the papers are cut in this form of art instead of only getting folded.


The collection boasted a lot of contemporary details, cutwork and layers on Organza, tissue and silk.


The designer presented a variety of color palettes comprising of different hues that look soothing sand so summer-y. Azwer’s signature Dhoti I shalwars which were paired with capes completely stole the show.


Zainab Chottani

This was the only collection I felt like getting up and clap for. Chottani took a huge risk here by moving away from her signature traditional style and introducing an uber chic trendy look.


The collection was all about Denim effortlessly coupled together with shiffon, organza an silk capes with wondrous cuts.


She also re-introduced bell bottoms, gowns and culottes with this amazing collection of her’s. Iman Ali walked the ramp for Zainab Chottani.


Shameel Ansari

Atiya Khan opened the show for Shameel Ansari. The collection was all about floral prints and frills that looked ravishing.


Ansari’s inspiration for this collection was Japanese culture in which she incorporated silhouettes and intricate details that outshone any other collection shown that day.


Zhalay Sarhadi showstopped for Shameel Ansari donning an appealing attire.


Annnndd with this, it’s a wrap from this season. See you all in the winter edition of #FPW. For more details, visit my  FacebookBlogTwitter and Instagram!

Stay tuned :*


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