Are You #GameReady to #TasteTheGlory with Lay’s Pakistan?

Lay’s Pakistan has been creating buzz with its out-of-the-box campaigns for quite a while now. From #CleanandGreenPakistan, #PlantAPack #LaysTrashformers, #LaysLightsUpKhi to #TastetheGlory and #GameReady featuring the legends of cricket and football naming Waseem Akram and Messi (#AkramAndMessi), Lay’s has been successfully ruling the digital and conventional media for its uniqueness. The latest activity from the brand focuses on its association with UEFA Champion’s League, which is a first of its kind (as far as I remember).


The campaign is all about winning – exclusive prizes and tickets to Milan! Yes, Lay’s Pakistan will be sending lucky winners to Milan. And those who won’t be going to this amazing city will have a chance to win exciting prizes. All you have to do is find the new Lay’s UEFA Champion’s League pack, send in the secret code inside by texting at 9005 and tada! Done. Now cross your heart and hope to win 😀


The #TasteTheGlory activity was amplified on ground in Karachi in which a huge stadium was created on a roundabout near The Palm. In that ground, Messi was shown kicking in a goal. Needless to say, the installment was larger-than-life and magnificent.


To my surprise, there are more football fans rather aficionados in Pakistan than I have imagined. Just to check out whether or not the locals have understood the true meaning of this campaign, I started following the hashtags #GameReady and #TasteTheGlory on Twitter and voila! I was absolutely stunned by the way these die-hard fans have expressed their love for not only the game but the players as well. Let me take you through the most impactful tweets that caught my attention.

A special screening of the match was held at LUMS

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