Top 6 Reasons Why Shopaholics Find Ocean Mall an Attractive Destination

Karachi city has been bustling with shopping malls lately. And why not? Being the biggest and busiest city of Pakistan, we, Karachiites certainly need some recreational activities (read: shopping ) and nothing seems better than a mall for this purpose where everything is available under the same roof.


Talking about the malls, not every mall is worth your time. For a person like me, who is always on the go and wants to get done with shopping as soon as possible, brands and quality is the utmost priority. There are some more logical reason I stopped visiting a local mall and headed to Ocean Mall instead. Read out below what convinced me to revise my choice.

1.     Brands, Brands and Brands

What is a shopaholic’s biggest dream? Brands – a lot of them. What is even better is finding them all at one place. From renowned clothing brands to shoes and jewelry (ohh, yes, men’s clothing and accessories are also found in abundance), Ocean Mall has EVERYTHING!!


2.     Exclusive Brands

INGOLT. Does this ring any bells, ladies? OMG!! I still remember the time I came to know about the Brand’s official launch in Pakistan and the feeling is still the same 😀 Do I need to mention that INGOLT’S only store in Karachi is at Ocean Mall?

giphy (1)

3.     Movies all the way!

Shop till you drop. And what to do when you drop (not literally)? You watch a good movie to refresh and come back to shop again. Remember Eat, Shop and Movies? Yeah that!


4.     Shopping is Never Boring Here

Absolutely, who gets bored when they are taking a stroll in a shopping paradise? At least I don’t!

giphy (2)

5.     Festivals Fiesta All Year Round

Sale. Sale. And Sale! Wow, what an amazing word with and even beautiful feeling! Whoa!

giphy (3)

6.     Food

Good food is another motivational factor of visiting Ocean Mall – be it HobNob Cafe’s scrumptious food or the excitement of going to the well-known Kolachi, I can’t seem to get enough of this place. Voila!

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