Mountain Dew’s #CopterHunting Where You Hunt and Win!

Mountain Dew is that one brand which never ceases to impress me.  Be it their interesting TVCs or even engaging online activities along with digital integration. The brand sure knows how to grab the attention of its audience.

It was a couple of days ago when I was passing by Dolmen Mall Clifton in Karachi and couldn’t help noticing Mountain Dew’s kiosk. Intrigued by what’s going on I moved on and asked about the activity. So, it was a #HuntandWin activity where whoever spots a copter in the air, takes its pictures and share them on Mountain Dew’s official Facebook page will be eligible for a luck draw in which they can win an iPhone or iPod Nano.

The activity was certainly an easy one and didn’t require much effort either (as shown in the TVC where professional stuntmen perform adventurous stunts). Another thing that caught my attention was that people were encouraged to check in on the venues (the activity took place in Karachi and Lahore simultaneously) and get free drinks 😀 yeah! That’s true!!

Check out how tweeps on Twitter respond to this activity:

All in all, it was an amazing and unique activity which kept the people hooked all the time. Looking forward to more out-of-the-box activities by other brands.

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Stay tuned for more updates 🙂


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