#TangMissedCall – A Unique Way to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Over the years, Mother’s Day has become a great platform for children to appreciate the efforts and love of their mothers. This year too, a number of brands came up with exciting campaigns to commemorate this day. However, once campaign that caught my attention was #TangMissedCall.


Tang Missed Call was a unique campaign for required you to:

  1. Give a missed call to 0344-888-TANG (8264)
  2. Tang will call you back
  3. Record your message for your mother
  4. Tang will call your mother on Mother’s Day and will make you listen to this message

The campaign sure sounds interesting. Since many of us do not have our mothers on social media, this was an excellent medium to connect with her. Soon after Tang announced about #TangMisseCall on Facebook and Twitter, people started calling in to record their messages. Yours truly dialed the number with teary eyes too to acknowledge the presence of her beloved mother.

Along with #TangMissedCall, Tang also had another hashtag #FromMeToMom where people started pouring their hearts out. While some simply expressed their love, others shared amazing ideas to surprise the love of your life in many ways.

Let’s have a look how Twitteratis responded to this trend

All in all, the campaign was a big hit and engaged the audience from the start to the end. What else does a brand and its customers want? Nothing else, I think.

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See you guys on the review of another campaign. Till then, stay tuned J


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