Light up Lives With LRBT this Ramadan!


They say, seeing is believing. Ever wondered what those with eye ailments feel about it? Only the thought of it is enough to give me goose bumps. Each year, I try to find out an institution that is serving the right purpose by helping the mankind. This time around, it is LRBT.

The Layton Rahmatulla Benevolent Trust (LRBT) is a charitable not for profit organization with transparent policies and systems. The institute, with its 19 hospitals and 55 eye centers, is already serving 20 million people across Pakistan. With the passion to help the patients with eye impairment, the doctors at LRBT see around 9500 patients in OPDs on a daily basis. They perform more than1000 surgeries per day which costs USD 80 (PKR 8368) for restoring a child’s sight and USD 27 (PKR 2829) for an adult. 

Currently, the number of visually impaired or blind children in Pakistan is 2.5 million. Luckily, nearly 80% of these ailments can be easily cured. However, due to the higher treatment cost, not many of them are able to afford it.

Patients that head to LRBT come with a wide range of eye ailments that range from minor (infections) to major (blindness) and that is where we all can help them collectively.  

This Ramadan, donate generously to light up the lives of those living in the darkness. You can also send your Zakat via these channels.

Zakat online:
You can donate your Zakat here:

Faysal Bank Limited  Tel. No. 92-21-111-11-22-33, Account Title: The Layton Rahmatulla Benevolent Trust, Swift code: FAYSPKKA, Account No: 0330000131981129, IBAN No: PK89FAYS0330000131981129, Branch code: 330

Standard Chartered Bank Limited  Account Title: The Layton Rahmatulla Benevolent Trust
, Account No: 01-6556450-01-00, 
IBAN No: PK02SCBL0000001655645001

UBL  Account title: The Layton Rahmatulla Benevolent Trust, Account No: 010-4241-4l, Branch code: 0949-online



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