Dolmen Malls Celebrate Independence Day with Zeal & Enthusiasm


If there is one place that Karachiites love to visit during any occasion, be it summer festival, winter festival, Pakistan Day, Father’s Day or even Independence day, i.e. Dolmen Mall. With three malls covering all high-traffic areas of Karachi, Dolmen Group has managed to earn a good reputation for family entertainment. It has interesting activities planned for all and hence, never disappoints. The same happened to us when we decided to visit the mall for the Independence Day celebrations.

It was after a long time that I stepped in Dolmen Mall Clifton and needless to say I was awestruck when I saw the mall all draped in our flag’s colors. The festival kicked off in all three malls on August 12th and continued till August 14th. The walks were adorned with replicas of our historic monuments and live murals of national heroes were giving off the true Independence Day vibes.  To add to it were the guards saluting the customers in their occasion-specific dressing. Then in the main atrium, there were a photographic gallery that highlighted the life in Pakistan and its culture. And while we were absorbing all this, we devoured on fresh parathas and chai from a kiosk set up by Chai Wala.


‘Sounds of Kolachi’ was also there to please the audience with their soulful music which was taken over by the notes of National Anthem to start of August 14th. Later I read a friend’s status update that Dolmen Mall Tariq Road saw the real surprise with Noori’s live performance where the band got mingled with people around. Ahh!! I missed the chance to meet my favorite band. Wish me luck for next time 😀


“Living in a time where there is so much uncertainty and negativity surrounding our identity as a nation, we wanted to celebrate the achievements and entertainment aspects of Pakistan which we are known for. These things are relatable to the older as well as the younger generation of this country and they need to be celebrated. This is what makes us proud as Pakistanis,” said Anum Nadeem, Marketing Head of the Dolmen Group at the event.

On digital platform, an instagram competition was hosted where amateur photographers were asked to showcase their talent. Top three photographs were selected and awarded with prizes. More prizes awaited all those who visited Dolmen wearing green. Shoppers and visitors were, thus, pleasantly surprised at various occasions.

All this was part of “Dolmen Loves Pakistan” theme which was exceptionally well integrated on digital media with the hashtag #HamariPehchan. AT least, I have not seen any other mall doing this great on any grand occasion so far. Way to go, Dolmen Malls!

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