Olivia Kajal – An Affordable Beauty Staple


I have been using Jordana Black Out and Maybelline Master Drama for a while now. They are the best, however, I wanted a product that is easy on pocket and lasts not longer than 5-6 hours, at least, and there I came across with Olivia Kajal.

Since I was too skeptical to try the product for the first time, I started asking my friends about their go-to kohl pencil. I was surprised to see that many of them were already using Olivia Kajal.

About the Product:

  • The best thing about the product is that you do not need a sharpener every now and then to refine its tip. It comes in an easy to apply stick.
  • It is smooth and gives a fine look
  • Lasts for 5-6 hours without retouching
  • I found it a bit smudge-y as my skin is oily, otherwise its good for dry to normal skin
  • Since I usually use an eye pencil as an eye liner and for a smudge-y look, this proved to be the best local alternative. Just apply one stroke on the upper lid, smudge a bit and taadaa! Smokey look is there.

What the Product Promises

  • Easy application
  • Rich black color, non-irritant formulation
  • Smudge free and long lasting
  • Does not give a dried-out look
  • For every season and age group

Directions of Use: Wash and dry your eyes before use. Apply the Olivia Kajal stick directly to the base of your upper lashes and on the inside of lower eye rim for dramatic definition in a single stroke.

Olivia Swatch

All in all, Olivia Kajal is the best kohl stick available locallythat I have come across in a long while. On top of it, it is absolutely a good value of money, I have started using one a couple of weeks ago and it still looks like a fresh piece. What else do you want in Rs. 50? 😀


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