Discover The Beauty of Pakistan with #TelenorRawaan

The marketing strategies for telco brands had been a bit mainstream and obvious in the past few years. It either used comic, satire or unnecessarily stretched dance numbers to convince users to switch to their network. Though these tactics are entertaining and fun to watch, they seriously lacked inspiration. However, recently while watching the #TelenorRawaan ad, I was hooked to the screen.

The advertisement features a guy who is in search of something. He wanders here and there and gets mesmerized by the astounding beauty of Pakistan. Later he ends up getting lost in the spell-binding landscapes and takes a journey that stretches beyond the bounds of physical dimensions leaving the audience with a yearning to explore what lies beyond the horizon.

The breath-taking locations shown in the ad makes one wonder how beautiful this country is and how much is still there to be explored. Though I have been to the Northern areas of Pakistan before, I started recalling the moments I spent there and felt an immense urge to go back and explore those areas some more.

With flawless picturization, the ad is shot at 21 locations across Pakistan and covers a total distance of 8400 kilometers, isn’t this amazing? Even amazing is the fact that three international Pakistani borders have been touched in the making while covering all travel-worthy cultural, historical and unseen destinations that scream for tourists’ attention.

I totally remember how much involved I got while watching the ad for the first time. I mistook the ad for some foreign airline promoting their international flights until I saw Telenor’s logo at the end. Before the complete  advertisement, came a teaser which was equally engaging and promising.

The campaign was supported with billboards and extended on the digital media with #TelenorRawaan hashtag. All this added to the spirit of enthusiasm and patriotism because the TVC was released around 14th August, 216.

Needless to say, the music is pleasing and the smart tunes of it can be downloaded from here:

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