5 Deadly Sins of Social Media Marketing

Today, almost every organization has embraced social media. Still, we see only few frequently there; others are active only once in a blue moon.

Since digital media does not allow any mistakes, you have to be very careful when dealing with it. One single mistake -any typo, false claim or amateur photo editing and you are out of competition . What remains after this is sarcastic jokes and digital impersonation of your mistake, reminding people of it time and again.

The internet is flooded with such posts and continuously reminds us not to be the one. For you, I have rounded up the following  most common mistakes most businesses make online. Avoid them and you will be ‘in the market’ and ‘in the hearts’ of people forever.

1.     Absence of a Proper Plan

Just like a war cannot be won without a proper strategy, a social media marketing campaign without any objective or uncategorized target audience also means an utter failure. When you are investing your exceptional talent, hefty amount of money and precious time in doing something, why not put some more efforts into it to convert it into an epic success?

Only by planning everything beforehand, keeping in mind your objectives you can avoid a foreseeable failure and an unanticipated debacle . Identify your target audience, classify the available social media channels and pick out the one that matches your strategy.

2.     Lack of ‘Two-way’ Communication

You have created pages on almost every social media, yet no one is interested in your business, neither do they talk about it. You keep posting updates but no one responds. Why is this so? Do people not see your messages? They do. But, why are these messages ineffective and unable to do what they are meant to do?

The reason is simple. You are not talking about things people want to listen and discuss. With nearly 1,000+ daily updates on an individual’s homepage, they almost neglect information they think is not ‘interesting’.

Here, good content and considering the preferences of people is the key. Make your content stand out, attractive and worth-reading. Talk to your fans, listen to what they have to say and if they have any recommendations that can be implemented to make your products better, utilize them. This will make them feel proud for they will consider themselves to be a contributor to your modified products.

3.     Obsession to Attract Maximum Fans/Followers

If a business with few followers or fans is not doing well, we can blame its ineffective marketing but, what is wrong with the business with 311,200 followers on Twitter and a huge fan base on Facebook?

Ideally, the latter ought to be growing fast because of its heightened popularity. However, in reality, these ‘numbers’ are not doing anything to it. So, here comes the time to review your marketing plan.

Are you on the right channel? Probably you are. Are there enough followers/fans? There are millions. Is the quality of your content good? No? Why??? You thought the quality of content is not necessary? It is the most crucial thing in online marketing. Make some changes to it and see how the ‘cold’ attitude of people turns out into ‘large orders’. Do not forget to inject fresh content whenever required.

4.     Ineffective Handling of Negative Comments

A customer did not like your product. They wrote it on your page and for the sake of keeping a ‘clean’ image of your company, you deleted that comment. Problem solved?

No. In fact, this is the starting of another problem. Now that dissatisfied customer will start badmouthing about your business everywhere– in public and on social media.

Can you stop them now? No. Can you delete every single message or tweet that raises finger on you? No, you cannot.

If you never want this to happen to your business, there is a cure. Go back to that complain. Read that and see if it is logical. If it is, respond to it in a way that neutralizes customer’s negative emotions. If it is not, convince the customer that this is not truth. Leave the messages as they are and let all your members see how much you care about your customers.

5. Unattended Pages

Always be there for your customers, to answer their quires and to listen to their complaints. If you do not do this, your competitor will start doing this because there has to be someone to attend them. Inactive pages or pages with information updated a decade ago just invite others to talk bad about your company – that you do not value your customers. So, be there to change the story, grab the limelight.

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