Be There For Pakistan All Year Round!

I was still in awe after seeing the Tapal Danedar’s interesting OOH when almost everyone on my timeline started talking about ‘Let’s Be There For Pakistan not just on 14th August but all year round!’ video. Surprisingly, it was by Tapal too. I clicked on the link and got hooked to the screen.

The video started off with a question ‘Pakistan ke baray main aap ka kyaa khayal hai?’ The question made me think about random answers, and the same happened. It showed a couple of young people who were repeating the same ranting and deprivation we face in Pakistan. Nothing new. Then all of a sudden, there were some elderly people who explained in detail what exactly Pakistan is to them. They started sharing their moving stories as to how much importance Pakistan holds for them and advised the youth to value this independent nation that our forefathers acquired after a lot of sacrifices. This indeed is one of the most emotional and inspirational videos I have watched in a while.

The video tells us that the Independence Day is more than just wearing Green dresses, decorating our homes and cars with flags and listening to national songs. It is about listening to your heart and doing great things for the betterment of Pakistan all year round!

I am confident that this message will help redefine the views and thinking of our youth towards Pakistan and will convince them to respect this country and its independence even more.

For more details, check out Tapal Danedar’s official pages on Tapal Facebook,  Tapal InstagramTapal Twitter. The hashtag for the campaign were #CupOfFreedom #TapalDanedar #IndependenceDay #Tapal

Paksitan Zindabaad!

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