DMGM Photo Fix Coral Cameo – Review

DMGM is an established cosmetic brand. This is why it did not take me more than 2 minutes to decide whether or not I want to try their Photo Fix Coral Cameo. I had been looking for a lip color that would stay for a long time, doesn’t dry out my lips and have a creamy texture at the same, and trust me when I put a swatch of DMGM Photo Fix Coral Cameo on my hand, I knew it was the color I needed to add to my matte collection.

Product Specificationsitem_XL_7113200_5141254

  • Brand: DMGM
  • Color: Coral Cameo
  • Number: 337
  • Quantity: 4 ml

Surprisingly, Coral Cameo is light weight, transfer resist and moisturizing. It provides exceptional coverage to the lips and gives them a fuller look with rich matte finish. It is easily wearable, doesn’t fade away or flake out even after several hours. Leave it on the lips for at least 30 seconds and the lip color will get fixed itself. Though I only apply one coat and it stays for more than 5 hours without any touch ups, you can apply another coat after 30 seconds when the first coat is set for a more intense look.

The product is easily available across Pakistan and is perfect for our Pakistani skin tone. Though I prefer using Coral Cameo with a Brick lip liner to enhance my lips, you can use it without a Iip liner too. I also liked the bubble gum flavor it gave off, which vanished after 30 seconds.

Why You Should Try DMGM Photo Fix Coral Cameo

  • It is matte, moisturizing and longwearing. Can be worn for 5+ hours before you would need a touch up.
  • It doesn’t smudge and infuses so flawlessly with the lip that it seems almost natural unlike many lipsticks.
  • It gives a dual shade of Orange and Coral in dark and natural lights respectively.


Why You Shouldn’t Try DMGM Photo Fix Coral Cameo

  • If you are a fan of glossy and shiny lip colors then this product is not made for you. One tip could be using a lip gloss over the lip color but, to be honest, it would reduce the longevity of the shade and it will come off after some time.
  • If you have to change lip color frequently, don’t use this product as it stays for longer or you would need an oil-based make up remover to take it off.



Definitely going to try other shades of DMGM Photo Fix in my next trip to the market!

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