How to Survive the Social Media War

With the advent of social media, even mute individuals have started speaking. They share their thoughts; explain events and their details in ways most profound public speakers cannot do. This is the power of words and undoubtedly the miracles of social media.

The online world of social media is dynamic and fast-paced. It changes in seconds and require you to do the same. If you think that a company page you created a couple of years ago is enough to build good reputation of your company, you are day-dreaming.

The reason is that things you were selling at that time might have been upgraded, but what about the dated information you put on social media years ago? What about a highly dissatisfied customer who has written a complaint on your page and is waiting for your response? What about a highly contented customer who wants to share their outstanding experience with others? If things keep going like this, no one will visit your page again and your contender will win this social war for sure.

Then what remains the purpose using social media? You came here to boost up your sales, not to sit idle. Right? Do not worry it is never too late to start over again.

To help you win this social war, I have rounded up the three most influential social media platforms – their pros and cons so that you can have an insight of what you can gain and lose being on this online digital media.

Social Media Channel Advantages Disadvantages
  • Largest social media network serving above 850,000 users.
  • An account here is easy to create and operate.
  • Content can be supported with visual aids, such as photos and videos.
  • Information can be shared easily with 63,206-characters limit.
  • Can be reached via Smartphones and other mobile devices.
  • Should be bolstered up by other marketing tools such as ATL and BTL activities to attract fans.
  • A top-notch professional networking website where audience is mature and behaves in the same manner.
  • Only limited applications are available to mobile users.
  • Individuals and groups can share links with their connections.
  • Since it is a professional network, users log into it less frequently than they do on other networking sites.
  •  Additional content in the form of video or photos is not directly supported.
  • Hashtags(#) allow you to share your messages with your followers and even with people who are not following you.
  • Can be accessed via mobile phones.
  • Relevant information shared by others can be shared with your followers via a RT (Retweet).
  • Only limited information can be shared as a tweet has to be of 140 characters only.
  • Your information on profile is also very brief as only 160 characters are allowed there.
  • Frequent repetition of your message is required as it might be overlooked due to floods of tweets on the pages of your followers.

Here, a good idea is to start out with a social media channel you think is right for your business. Create an account there, manage it, grow it and repeat the same strategy for other channels. If you do not handle social media effectively, you will miss out on its innumerable advantages.

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2 thoughts on “How to Survive the Social Media War

  1. Nice blog. I am really impressed by the way you write. Hope you continue to keep us updated of latest market trends in social media.

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