I Am Karachi To Host A Grand Music Festival because Music Matters!


I am a Karachiite to the core. I am happy when this city is happy and I become sad whenever any tragedy happens here. However, I have always tried to focus on the positive aspects instead of the negative ones and learned to love my city despite all its imperfections because I love Karachi!

Recently, I came to know that I Am Karachi is presenting its first music festival in collaboration with Fuzon and Music Arts Dance School (MAD). Wohoo!! Sounds interesting, right? So, being a music aficionado, I could not help but share the big news with you all.

The main objective of I Am Karachi Music Festival 2015 (#IAKMF15) is to reclaim and revive the musical culture of Karachi which has been fading over the years. Once the musical hub of the rising talent, concerts and other recreational activities, Karachi is now in dire need of a heavy dose of some fun-filled events. In the last couple of decades, the sad state of affairs have already affected this city much, now is the time to bring back the charm of this lively mini Pakistan. When music has so much impact on the lives of Karachiites, the event has to be named as ‘Music Matters’, and why not, music unites us all in one language that is easily understandable by everyone.

I Am Karachi Music Festival 2015 has already started on August 4th, 2015 and will continue till August 9th, 2015. The music festival is one of a kind that offers a mixture of different music-related components and aims to bring together the legendary and budding artists from across the city. They three main components include:


Music Mentorship Series – A day-long activity held at the MAD School where aspiring musicians were introduced to different technical and theoretical skills


Music Dialogues: A two-day long interactive panel discussion and workshops to appreciate Pakistani music and the idea of exporting this precious cultural treasure to different countries. It is taking place at Beach Luxury Hotel on 4Th & 5th August, 2015


Music Matters: A two-day long music festival that comprises of traditional and contemporary music genres, live performances and much more. The highlight of this festival is the participation of more than 60 artists who will play for 30 hours from 15 genres of music (OMG, I am excited already!!). Artists such as Humaira Channa, Zoe Viccaji, Shehzad Roy, Farid Ayaz and Mai Dhai along with some new young musicians like Sarah Haider and Alicia Dias will be performing at Port Grand on 8th & 9th August, 2015 as part of this music festival.

Fuzon band’s Shallum Xavier talked about IAKMF15 at the official press conference and said, “this Festival also hopes to encourage emerging youth talent to showcase their work and take the stage with performances from a myriad of genres such as rock, indie folk, qawwali and experimental etc.”

Founder of the MAD School, Nida Butt elaborated, “Special mentoring sessions have been arranged at the MAD school to provide master classes in categories ranging from guitar to eastern vocals for practicing musicians to hone their skills and talent”

For more details visit I Am Karachi Music Festival on Facebook or Twitter. The official handle for this festival are #MusicMatters and #IAKMF15.

Cannot wait to attend the music festival. Hats off to all the organizers and good luck to them!

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