Irresistible Social Media

Is not using social media tools to boost your business a wise action?

Who would have thought that one day the world would become an integrated market; that no matter where you manufacture your product or service, you can send it to millions of customers around the world.

Yes, this is all true. And social media made it possible. Its numerous platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other micro-websites have been joined by millions of people. Facebook alone has nearly 500 million users, as of 2011. It means every 1 in 13 people is using it.

These people are curious. They are inquisitive. They want to know more and more about the companies they like and buy from. With more than 42 thousand pages of companies and other interests, extracting this information is not very difficult.

Having said this, if someone thinks that having social media presence is not crucial for their business, they need to think again. The chances are that if you they are not going to be there, their competitor soon will. Once they are there, hoping to hold existing customers is just as impossible as filling toothpaste back into the tube.

So, wise are companies who not only have their presence on social media, they are also handling them effectively. Even if they are not there, they are already being discussed on social media. People discuss about their products, services, magnificent features and flaws. So, with good or bad reputation, virtually all companies and their products are there.

If God is with you and your products or services are really remarkable, you are lucky to be discussed. On the other hand, a bad feature or a negative comment could cost you dearly. It can even lead you to lose customers, nearly 30 customers per negative publicity. This would spread like wildfire if none of your company representative is there to defend or to explain your side of the story. Then again do not forget about the millions of customers reading online about you and your company.

Furthermore, carefully manage your online content. Respond to every comment or suggestions. Never ignore negative comments. It is recommended not to reply or deny their complaint publicly, rather contact them in-person and listen to what they have to say.

Do not choose to be ignored. Opt to be seen. Here, there and everywhere. Join social media for the sake of growth of your business.

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8 thoughts on “Irresistible Social Media

  1. Thank you very much Sania for this appreciation. I deeply felt there is something wrong with companies that are having social media presence. This is wh they are unable to engage their target audience through this easy-to-handle channel; hence I decided to highlight it so that companies and individuals can know about it and this will be continued in future too. Keep reading. Cheers!

  2. I must say very informative and highlighted some very serious issues… this piece of work is highly appreciated and looking forward to read more informative articles in future.. God bless you and great work .. keep it up

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