It’s All about Faking Your Social Life Online


I think social media is the new synonym for ‘depression’. Why? Because (a) every time you log in there someone is at a rocking concert or is heading out to a hip spot to hang out with their friends (b) If you are not a social butterfly or not hanging out at that time, it makes you feel jealous. This can lead to FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out – which, obviously, is a kind of depression. And you surely do not want to suffer from it.

There is nothing to be worried about this fear when CouchCachet is already there to rescue you. This just-wow app from Foursquare hackathon can do miraculous job for you – it can fake your social life on social media – it checks you in at places where you wish to go or at parties where your presence might make you look ‘cool’ in your friends’ eyes and shares the updates with your contacts. After all this is what people expect from you on social network, a ‘happening’ life, right?

It means that now you can unwind at home watching your favorite soap while people on your social network can envy you because you are enjoying at one of the most entertaining event in town.

How does this app work? That’s very simple. Connect your CouchCachet to your Foursquare account, set your home locationCouch_Cachet_Slides-2 and leave the rest to CouchCachet. It will fake an entire itinerary for you, just approve it and get back to your bland soap.

What happens next is, to make sure you are not lying; CouchCachet will automatically post photos from the incredible show you went to, send out tweets to keep your contacts up dated. You can also select a fake event from a bundle of themes such as parties and skiing. The choice is all yours and news is generated by the app.

To make people believe in your story even more, a detailed email is also sent to you to fill you in about the doings of the event – just in case someone wants more of its details and you don’t get momentarily blank about what they are asking.

The application was launched earlier this month and is in its initial stages. The team is trying hard to get FOMO classified as a real mental disorder and want from doctors to prescribe their app as a treatment to this illness.

Until doctors decide to include FOMO in their mental illness list and prescribe CouchCachet as treatment, you can try this app to win the social media-coolness war. A common perception these days is the more you hang out, the more cool you are. You can be cool too among your friends and that too with the help of an app.

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