‘MOOR’ infuses a spirit of patriotism in the masses with its Premier


‘Moor’ a film by azadfilm company and Mandviwalla Entertainment, is releasing across Pakistan this Independence Day

Karachi – 10th August, 2015: Joint production of azadfilm company and Mandviwalla Entertainment Moor, was screened last night at the premier held in Karachi. The thought provoking film is directed by Jami and is inspired by true events. Moor which translates to ‘Mother’ is an emotional tale of heartfelt patriotism, the fight against corruption and prevalence of good versus evil.

Moor which will be releasing this Independence Day is a breath of fresh air for the booming Pakistani industry and depicts the charming beauty of Baluchistan. Jami encouraged audience across Pakistan to watch the movie by saying “Moor will surely boost the spirit of patriotism this Independence day; cinemagoers of all ages will feel a connection to the storyline. The plot of the movie speaks of corruption in a manner to provoke the masses to take individual actions to combat the social evils present in our society.” The entire cast and crew of the movie were present at the premier endorsing the ideology of Moor.

Mr. Nadeem Mandviwalla shed light on his views by saying Moor as a project encompasses all essential elements to be an iconic film of the Pakistani film industry. The audience of Pakistani cinema is growing at large and is now ready for meaningful cinema and we are proud to give them a thought provoking story to ponder on. The Pakistan Film fraternity is continuously producing better work with every forthcoming film and Moor will be a milestone in its own league.

The mesmerizing cinematography of Moor will captivate the audience and the deep social message of ‘what you reap is what you sow’ embedded in the intricate storyline will leave the audience thinking over the individualistic measures which can be taken by them. The cast of the movie includes seasoned actors of the Pakistani performing arts fraternity such as Hameed Sheikh, Samiya Mumtaz, Shaz Khan, Sonya Hussyn, Abdul Qadir, Ayaz Samoo and Eshita Mehboob.

The soulful music of Moor, produced by Strings and lyrics written by Anwar Maqsood, was released earlier this month. It has garnered immense popularity and is receiving ravishing reviews. The powerful vocals for Moor have been recorded with famous names of the Pakistani industry such as Strings, Javed Bashir, Meesha Shafi, Rahim Shah, Rahma Ali and Noman Farooqui.

Here is  the latest trailer of the movie.

Some pictures from the premier

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