Negative Impacts of Social Media on Your Business

What? Do you read it write? Does the writer literally mean this?

Could there be any negative impacts of social media on your business? Then what about all those hundreds of thousands of articles and publications on the internet that advocates having presence on social media?

These are just few of many questions that might pop-up in your mind after reading the headline of this blog. Do not doubt on your vision, it is perfectly alright. The topic is wrong neither.

Yes, this is true that despite having a number of advantages, social media could lead to a bunch of disadvantages as well.

Unfortunately, only one in seven companies is using social media to reach out to their customers, a survey conducted in 2010 by Cisco Systems unveils. Even worse is the fact that only one in five organizations has a formal policy to deal with issues arising on social media, reveals the same survey.

More alarming is the number of customers lost due to a negative comment on Facebook or a tweet badmouthing your brand on Twitter. A Convergys Corp survey reveals that this number is near to thirty. It means only one bad message can cost you nearly thirty customers. Ever imagine if this comment starts to spread like wildfire, how many customers would you be left with? Near to none.

Social Media Gives Customers A Voice- Make Sure It Is Not Against You

The good thing is that your online reputation can be handled and managed with no trouble.

First of all, you need to understand that complaining about something that is not up to a customer’s expectation is their right. In many cases, those who complain are the ones who would feel uncomfortable in face-to-face interaction with a company representative. Today, doing so with just a tweet, a Facebook status or a blog is really easy.

So, you need to be aware of every nitpicker before your all customers get to know about negative features or ‘allegedly negative traits’ of your product.

I remember how we all class fellows boycott a hypermarket after two of our fellows were mistreated by the management there. What they did? They just put their horrible experience on as status on Facebook and we all began to have negative thoughts about the market.

How to Neutralize Negative Comments?

Monitor all your social media accounts and respond to every comment very carefully. You can even track

customers’ opinions on Twitter and HootSuite.

Find out who in your company is dealing with these negative comments? Ask them if they have explanation to these claims. If they do not have their answers, may be this is the time you articulate them before everyone on social media starts to talk negative about your company.

In an era, where Androids and iPhones are serving as handy communicating tools, one can imagine the power of opinions. Now it is up to you – whether you want them to be positive or negative.

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2 thoughts on “Negative Impacts of Social Media on Your Business

  1. You are welcome Buna. Hope it really helped you out. I am planning on to come up with some more interesting articles in a couple of days . So stay tuned and keep reading

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