New Sensation in Town – Hollywood Nail Factory


So, it was a boring and a seemingly never-ending day when all of a sudden colors started to spread on my timeline. Beautiful and amazing nail arts they were, just what I wanted to cheer myself up. After a while, one of the friends tagged in a post that we are going to have a ladies day out at Hollywood Nail Factory on Tuesday at Zamzama Mall, Karachi. The rest of the day was just difficult to pass amid all the excitement. For the first time in my life, I Googled ‘Nail Arts’, yes, I did that so that I can have the best nail art to beautify my hands!

shiThe very next day we were at the aforementioned venue. All decked up and ready to ne. Zarine, the owner, at Hollywood Nail Factory welcomed us warmly and told us that none of us is allowed to leave unless we are not completely satisfied with our nail arts. She asked for our preferences and suggested us some of the delightful nail arts that would suit our nails. Her trained staff perfectly did the job, however, whenever needed, Zarine was there to help them. In fact, she did my nail art, which I am completely in love with. So mesmerizing, I just do not want it to go away.

She chose bright colors according to our dresses and then came the fun part – decorating the nails. Tadaa! She had magnificent, tiny and shiny diamantes and  glitter and what not to decorate them?

Zarine Khan is officially going to inaugurate Hollywood Nail Factory in a couple of weeks. However, the word of mouth is already spreading and the traffic is rolling in!

We wish Zarine Khan all the best for her new venture! 🙂

IMG-20150217-WA0003  IMG-20150217-WA0010

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