The Best of Mercedes Benz Pakistan Fashion Week Doha 2015

Cover Photo
Pakistan Fashion Week Doha (PFW Doha) started on April 30th 2015 in Doha and continued till May 1st, 2015. As I have already discussed in my previous blog, a number of local designers from Pakistan participated in this fashion show. While some of the collections surprised the attendees with their sheer creativity, some of them were not at par with the international fashion standards and failed miserably at fulfilling the expectations of the audience.

Let’s not delve into the misses of the show that shocked us, because those who did already know it, and focus on the brighter side of the picture. Here is a list of the few designers who stole the event altogether and will be setting new fashion trends with their collections this season.

Deepak Perwani

When it’s Deepak Perwani, there has to be an upper chic collection. The designer maintained his charismatic high-end taste in PFW Doha as well with his luxurious “New Vintage”, which was a mixture of silhouettes and different hues of the colors red, black and blue.

Deepak 2 Deepak 3 Deepak 4

Deepak 1

Ali Xeeshan

I would say, this was one of the most vibrant, stylish and magnificent collections at the ramp on the day first of the PFW Doha. Xeeshan beautifully adorned his collection with embellishments and made it look ultra sophisticated.

Ali 1

Ali 3 Ali 4 Ali

Maria Rao

The highlights of Maria Rao’s “Mariposa” were embroidered butterflies and floral patterns on polka dots and solid black color. The collection was simply amazing!

Maria 2 Maria 3 Maria 4

Maria 1

Zainab Chottani

Zainab Chottani showcased a pleasing combination of light colors to soothe your senses in the sweltering heat of the summer and intricate embroidery that will help you outshine everyone else in a social gathering. She carried forward her tradition of surprising the audience with her stunning formal and bridal collection on the ramp.

Zainab 1
Zainab 3 Zainab 4

Zainab 2


Deepak and Fahad presented “Gul Rungi”. The collection was a mixture of appealing  long shirts and exquisite gowns. The use of traditional laces was common in the whole collection and was totally in sync with the delicate embroidery.

DnF 1 DnF 3 DnF 4

DnF 2

All and all, the PFW Doha was an excellent platform for the designers and fashionistas to showcase their creativity and earn appreciation from the international market. Though some designers still need to work hard to nail it next time, others completely mesmerized the audience with their awe-struck collections.

Way to go, PFW Doha!

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Image courtesy: Official page of Pakistan Fashion Week Doha on Facebook


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