The Indigestible Truth About Your Social Media Friends

So, you have got 4,375 friends on Facebook, 11, 028 are following you on Twitter and 15, 980 professionals are cFacebook-imaginary-friends-comiconnected with you via LinkedIn, and you boast these figures? Do You? If you do, then I am afraid you need to think again if this is actually what you want. Reexamine the list and try to remember the faces and names you truly know. How many of them can you trust with your shared information?

Find it difficult to recall oodles of contacts there? Do you really think the ‘unknowns’ can keep your information, pictures and data private or are they the ones who randomly leak your family and personal photos on the internet and then a friend calls you up and congratulates you on being a ‘Hot topic’ on the internet today?

By and large, we all want to see an inflated friend list on social networks. That’s why we keep adding people without even thinking for a second what if this is a fake account and is run by a fraudulent to filter out your information to flood it over the internet. The truth being since you cannot verify each and every account; try to follow your instincts.

If you think the person who has sent you the request should be on your contact’s list, at least visit their profile once. See if they have other friends (talking about Facebook) or will you be the only ‘privileged’ one. Mutual friends can really help you in authenticating a person, seek their help.

For LinkedIn, it is way too easier to know you are connecting with the right person. Since it is a professional social network, I mass312069_10150458787642463_108605392462_10278997_1801319446_n_largeam assuming people with their organization’s name mentioned there. You can read the name, search it and then press the ‘accept’ or ‘ignore button. Recommendations there can also help you greatly.

Let’s talk about Twitter now. Since a lot of personal information cannot be added on Twitter, you need to be very vigilant, if it is connected with your other personal accounts such as Facebook. Rest assured you are safe. Still if you have doubts about the authenticity of a follower or a followed, there is no harm in discontinuing interacting with them.

Security on social media has always been a big concern. If only you wisely choose who to be connected with, you can easily stay away from a number of problems. Above mentioned are only a few social networking channels of many which are always abuzz with millions of chatters. Do you feel secure with your online friends?

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