This is Pakistan – #SonehraPakistan

Pakistan is one of those countries which have been struggling since its birth. This country has seen a lot in its 68 years of independence – be it losing a part of it (East Pakistan), defending itself on several fronts from enemy’s attacks or fighting terrorism which is aimed at weakening it. However, despite all these sad state of affairs and challenges, there is one thing that overshadows everything – that is the beauty of Pakistan and the contribution of its people towards the betterment of the world. This is the brighter picture of Pakistan that needs to be highlighted so that people can see the real Pakistan – Sonehra Pakistan.

Sonehra Pakistan is an amazing initiative taken by Soneri Bank to promote a positive image of Pakistan on the digital medium because this is one of the most effective media to convey this golden message to the whole world and that too in no time. And guess what? The trend #SonehraPakistan was trending in Pakistan on its Independence Day i.e August 14, 2015.

I was amazed to see that the youth was too excited about this trend and was sharing the information, videos and pictures of the Pakistani things that they are proud of. Needless to say some of them were too surreal, emotional and unbelievable. Without wasting a single second, let me take you through a roundup of this campaign.

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful version of Pakistan as much as I did. No doubt the campaign was a great success on digital platforms such as Twitter, Facebook & Instagram with a reach of 750,000 + people on Twitter alone. I look forward to having more of such campaigns in Pakistan.Follow the hashtag #SonehraPakistan for more breathtaking pictures and information.

Pakistan Zindabaad!

P.S: A big thanks to all the people whose tweets have been mentioned here. You guys rock. Stay awesome!

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