When Wrong No. Becomes the Right One! – Review


What are the most important ingredients to making a blockbuster movie? Strong story line, fun, entertainment and an impressive cast, right? What if I told you that Wrong No. has more or less all these staples? Yes, it has. However, like no film is an emblem of perfection, this too had some loopholes. Though, for me, these shortcomings have been overshadowed by the positive aspects easily.

Without any further delay, let’s have a closer look at the cast, story and what should you expect from Wrong No. but before that, here is the trailer for you.

Cast and Premiere

Cast: Danish Taimoor, Sohai Ali Abroo, Janita Asma, Javed Sheikh, Danish Nawaz, Yasir Nawaz and Nadeem Jaffery.

The premiere of Wong No. was held in Karachi on July 15th, 2015. It was a star-studded event which was graced not only by the cast of the movie but other celebrities from the fraternity as well to show their support for the Pakistani cinema.

Wrong No. is a production of YNH (Yasir Nawaz, Nida Yasir and Hassan Zia) and ARY Films.




A Sneak Peak into Wrong No. Story

No, I am not going to spoil the fun for you here by revealing the spoilers but just a bit information to help you decide whether or not to watch this movie.

The story of Wrong No starts off with Sallu (Danish Taimoor) who belongs to a butcher family and wants to become an actor. On the other hand, his father wants him to become a butcher too and marry Laila (Sohai Ali Abroo). Sallu does not seem to agree with both the plans his father has. Therefore, he decides to run away from the home and live the life of his look alike Sheharyar (Danish Taimoor).  Yes, Danish Taimoor is playing double role in Wrong No.

In the movie, Sheharyar is a grandson of a Nawab (Qavi Khan) and is coming to Pakistan after a long time. This makes him an easy target for Danish Nawaz and Shera (Shafqat Cheema) who are after the money of his grandfather. In the meanwhile, Sallu comes up with a mind-blowing plan to switch his life with his protagonist. But interestingly, nothing such happens and instead a confusion emerges between the two ladies, Lailla and Janita (Shehryar’s secretary) resulting in a Wrong No. yes, you get me right, they mistake the two look alikes for their men and then the story takes a new turn. The rest you have to find out yourself by watching the movie. *wink wink*

What Should You Expect From Wrong No?

I cannot talk about Wrong No. without mentioning the usual Bollywood Masala that compels us to watch a particular movie. And why not? Is it not what fascinates us? Yes, it does. So, now the same thing is available in a Pakistani movie with some really impressive tongue and cheek dialogues and a touch of Desi-ness.


While Danish Taimoor and Sohai effortlessly pulled off their respective roles, Janita has to work hard next time to impress the audience. The rest of the cast is well-known for their acting skills and do not need any introduction or improvement. They are just-prefect!


To be very honest, the movie lacks this vital ingredient. Though Selfiyaan was a bit better than rest of the songs, a better selection of songs would have given Wrong No. a competitive edge over its competition. So, do not expect much from this movie if you are a true music lover!

All in all, Wrong No. is a good effort by YNH Films. The movie might test your analytical skills at some point, however, the heavy dose of fun and entertainment will keep you hooked to your seats. Needless to say, Wrong No. is worth watching, at least once because it is a movie which is completely made in Pakistan and will make fall in love with this country and its beauty all over again!

Some glimpses from the premiere.







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The premiere happened at Nueplex – the ‘It’ destination for entertainment is Nueplex. Read more about the owner Mirza Jamil Baig and Nueplex here https://tribune.com.pk/story/597213/the-place-to-be-karachi-makes-way-for-bigger-better-movie-experiences/

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PC: Wrong No. Official Facebook Page.


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