The Golden Chick that everyone is After in K Town

Now that you are here to find out the chick, let me tell you, you won’t regret reading about the tenderness and juiciness this scrumptious delicacy is made of. C’mon, do not be a pervert. We are talking about Golden Chick, the new chicken outlet that is winning the hearts (and tummies) of Karachiites and not the one you were thinking about 😉

So, when my sister and I were really tired after a hectic shopping spree at the Annual Shopping Festival of Dolmen Mall, we thought to try out this new eatery in the food court. It was my sister’s idea to have something from Golden Chick since she is a bit diet freak and prefers grilled and oh-not-so-oily foods. She was recommended by a friend of hers to try this new place, and now I would say, it was rightly suggested.

To start off, we ordered Grilled Chicken and Salad. The grilled chicken was served on a bed of icebergs with cucumbers, tomatoes and carrots surrounding the chicken. The only thing I had to do was to squeeze that huge lemon on the food and voila! Though it was my sister’s order, guess who ended up finishing it all? 😀

Golden Chick Grilled Chicken and Salad

Then there were Grilled Chicken Tenders that were grilled to perfection. I usually prefer not going for grilled food when outdoors because of my precious bad experience with undercooked food. However, this was an exception. And the best part is that the chicken tenders weren’t dry, cooked as per my liking, were easy to chew and full of flavors. This is the chick that I will definitely be going back to Golden Chick again.

Golden Chick Grilled Chicken Tenders

We had to order another meal and upon asking the chef, we got to know about their signature Golden Fried Chicken. We opted for it and this turned out to be a good decision. No excess oil dripping from the chicken, crispy coating and tender chicken is how I will define this mouth-watering chicken. It was paired up with a fresh dinner roll and delicious french fries.

Golden Chick Golden Fried Chicken

For sidelines, they have some amazing choices but went for Fried Okra and Jalapeno Poppers. Though I am not a big fan of Okra, I easily managed to get my hands on 3-4 pieces, which is A LOT for me. I mean those were REALLY good. My sister loved the poppers to bits while I devoured the spicy Jalapeno Poppers, which were finger-licking good.

Golden Chick Fried Okra

All in all, it was a tasty experience and I am all up for discovering what else this Golden Chick has to offer that has people coming back to it. Let me know what you tried there and maybe we can help each other in eating the best of food this Karachi eateries have for us.


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