Turkish Food Festival at Asia Live, Avari Towers – Review

If you have lived in Turkey or enjoyed their traditional food in the Middle East before, you will definitely know my struggle to find the similar authentic Turkish taste in Pakistan. So, after I was disappointed in finding the best Hummus in Karachi that tasted exactly like the one they have in the Middle East, a friend referred me to the ongoing Turkish Food Festival at Avari Towers. Intrigued by the name only, I decided to give it a try because among all the high end hotels I know; only Avari Towers is well-known for celebrating food festivals from different regions where they do not compromise on the taste and quality.

As soon as I entered the venue, I could not stop noticing the extraordinary Turkish-culture inspired ambiance that sky-rocketed my expectations. Moving on, I found myself in front of a lavish Salad Bar  which was adorned with all starters and sidelines I would have liked to start off my dinner with.

For me, the hands down winners here were Hummus (finally), Feta Cheese and Labneh.

Feta Cheese
For main course, I had Lahmacun, which was simply ah-mazing! It is made of thin dough which is topped with seasoned mince. Lahmacun was so yum, I ended up taking it twice 😀

Then there was Chicken Molokhia, which tasted more or less like our traditional recipe Chicken Hara Masala to me. Needless to say, the perfect blend of coriander, garlic and other spices made it yet another tasty dish on the menu.

Chicken Molokhia

Though there was a huge variety of meat and chicken on the table, as Turks prefer, very few of them had curry in it. One of them was Burghul Kofta With Tomato and Mint Sauce, which is a must-try if you want to have some spicy delight at the food festival.

Burghul Kofta With Tomato and Mint Sauce

Now it was the time to enjoy the most-awaited Turkish desserts that I was literally eyeing from the start :p. Make sure you do not leave without having this heavenly Baklawa. It exactly tasted how I wanted it to be – crispy with the right amount of sugar syrup.


Here is another favorite Tart of mine that melted in the mouth leaving behind an indelible taste.

Alka Seltzer Tart

Though I am not a mousse and cake person; however, i couldn’t help but taking a few spoons from the both and they were 0h-my-gawwd!!


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Check out Avari Towers’ website for more information!


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