Last week I happened to go to a Bloggers’ Meet up which was about the launch of a new app called ‘Tapmad’. For which, I had to miss out on my favorite drama and on my way I couldn’t help but thinking about catching up the episode on YouTube later that night. Little did I know at that point that I am going to get a permanent solution to watching TV while on the go!

Yassir Pasha, , Founder and CEO of Tapmad TV, introduced his new Tapmad TV and termed it as a truly ‘Made in Pakistan, for Pakistan’ app. He also told the audience that with the help of this new online application, people will be able to access more than 140 channels on their fingertips. Tapmad TV is available at IOS App Store and Android Google Play Stores. Though the app is free of cost with its 140 channels to live stream TV dramas, documentaries, films and other entertainment options, you can always sign up for the premium package which is for Rs. 250/month. The application also has a ‘Catch Up’ later feature which enables you to watch your favorite programs later and that too in HD.

Mr. Pasha proudly announced that more than 1 million minutes of data has already been consumed on Tapmad in the past three months. Now he expects this number to rise further and bring about a new era of digitalized entertainment in Pakistan.

The event was attended by renowned personalities, socialites, celebrities and people from different walks of life. Ayesha Omar was the host for the night while Nadeem Hussain (Founder of Planet N), Zafar Siddiqui (CEO Samaa TV), Rehan Allahwala (Founder Rehan School), Shakeel Masud (CEO Dawn News), Sara Haider, Mahira Khan, Sikandar Rizvi were amongst the prominent guests.

The launch was followed by the performance of a famous illusionist, Shaheer Khan and ended off with Jimmy Khan and his band’s musical performance.

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Check out the Tapmad TV website here!


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