Call the Band Celebrates 15 Years With Fans!

There are very few artists who give value to their friends, let alone celebrate their fifteen years of association with a dedicated hashtag. Sounds strange, right? Well, this certainly is not. A few days back I saw posts with #15yearswithcallfans being shared on my social media timelines. Excited to read the name “Call” I decided to examine the hashtag and it got better with every passing minute.

This January, Call launched their new song “Teri Haar Hum” which is part of their new album Dhoom. The song starts with so much energy to get a lazy person like me on feet and swing with joy. It is followed by the melodious voice and is very well-written lyrics. Watch the complete song here

Listen to it at

or download the itune from here

Check out how twitteratis reacted to this trend where Xulfi himself was engaging with the fans ❤

Some more songs included in Dhoom are:

There was a time when I was literally addicted to Dharkay Jiya and Laaree Chootee, even today when I am low or reminiscent about the olden days, I just put the songs on repeat and they do the magic. Hopefully, this new track will replace or at least come in the same league as my previous favorites from this brand are!

Looking forward to uncountable years with the band and wishing them all the good luck!

Let us know which song of Call is your favorite.


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