When Art Speaks, Woven Stories Come into Being!

I have not met a single person in my life who doesn’t admire good art. People of all ages have their own opinion when it comes to appreciating their favorite artwork. However, if there is anything that is receiving a huge round of applause from everyone recently, that is Woven Stories.

Woven Stories is a collective effort of internationally acclaimed local artisans who are determined to amaze you with their awe-inspiring designs, patterns and color selection. Being a rug lover myself, I couldn’t decide which one looks the most beautiful. I took a look at one and felt like it will be a perfect centerpiece for my living room, then I moved on and there I encountered an equally magnificent rug that was shouting to be picked up. And, for me, that is where the pleasure of shopping lies – to have the best possible option in the given price.

The exhibition is being conducted from 3rd – 5th Feb, 2017 at -17, Block 8, Slingshot Studios, Clifton, Karachi. It is organized by East West Connections (EWC Interiors), Ahsan Amin &Tariq Luni (Award winning Sculptor).

Needless to say, a well-chosen decoration piece can have a drastic impact on the ambiance of any room. The woven masterpieces displayed at the exhibition are an emblem of perfection. Their fine weaving, smooth texture and balanced color combination is what makes the #WovenStories stand out from the rest. Whether it is a rug, carpet, cushion or any other knitted material, Woven Stories seems to have mastered the art of making it seamlessly. The best thing I like about these kinds of woven items is that once bought, these timeless pieces keep adding value to the venue for a decade or so. Even if you don’t plan on buying, I will highly recommend you pay a visit to the exhibition because these are the kind of exhibitions from where I managed to get the best of collections I have ever gathered. And who knows, you may find some for your home as well!

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