Yayvo Launches iDroid in Pakistan

Smartphones have given rise to a whole new level of a digital world we live in. Be it shopping from your favorite brands, interacting with your distant friends/relatives or opting for an online service to get your work done, we have become totally dependent on our smartphones.

Realizing the importance of a good phone to carry out all these daily tasks, Yayvo.com and iDroid USA have partnered to launch the iDroid Balr X7 in Pakistan. The launch event took place in Karachi and was attended by Salman Hasan (CEO of TCS ECom Pvt Ltd), Zubeer Tariq and Jawad Qureshi (Co-founders of iDroid), Adeel Chaudhry, who was representing Yayvo.com, and Ali Pir Gul to entertain the audience, mostly comprising of journalists and bloggers.

iDroid Balr X7 is priced at just Rs. 9,499 and is currently available in Champagne Gold and Black colors. The prominent features of the phone are:

· 5.5 inch HD Screen

· 5 MP camera

· 8 MP back camera

· Quad core 1.3 GHz processor

· 2800 mAh battery

· Gesture technology

· iDro Beastspeakers

The best thing I like about this phone is that it can directly be ordered from yayvo.com who promises to deliver it on your doorstep within 120 minutes. That means you do not have to wait for days to get your hands on a phone which is the best value of your money. Check out http://yayvo.com/idroid for more details.

About iDroid USA Technologies:

Founded by four IT entrepreneurs with a collective vision of building easy to use technology, the technology maker iDroid USA Technologies has been operational in the USA, Canada, EU, Latin America, Uganda, Mexico and has now launched in Pakistan exclusively on Yayvo.com.

About Yayvo:

Yayvo.com by TCS, Pakistan’s leading online portal is a one window shopping solution for all your needs. With an inventory stocked up with more than 100,000 SKUs, Yayvo covers niches from apparel to electronic items. One of the most recognizable and preferred e-stores in Pakistan today; Yayvo.com is transforming the online shopping experience in Pakistan by bringing together reputed national and global brands to offer customers genuine products in a fast, convenient and price effective manner.


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