Karachi Literature Festival 2017 – A Treat for the Mind

There are very few people who get excited when it comes to books. Though I am not a book worm or someone who has a treasure of shelves filled with books, thanks to online reads, I make sure I attend literature festivals to keep myself updated with the latest additions in this arena. This time around, my father, whose favorite genre is politics, was also in town so I decided to visit the then upcoming Karachi Literature Festival 2017.

The eighth edition of Karachi Literature Festival started on Feb 10th, 2017 and continued till Feb 12th, 2017. Like every year, the venue was the same, Beach Luxury Hotel. There was so much hype on social media about it that I couldn’t help but check the hashtag #KhiLF which told me that there were 136 Pakistani and 40 international speakers who came from 10 different countries to attend the book festival. Here is how Twitter reacted to the festival.

Amongst these, I really enjoyed being at Mustansir Hussain Tarrar’s session for the way he speaks and makes people understand his point of view is amazing. Apart from the informative sessions, there were mushairas, panel discussions, interviews and literary awards that were attended by the enthusiastic crowd.

Another session, amongst the 36 others, was “Cinemas Across the Border” which was concluded on a beautiful note by Priyanka Jha, who said that interaction between the people of Pakistan and India is the only solution to the heated relations between the two countries. The festival was attended by over 200,000 people from different walks of life, which is a record in itself.

All in all, the Karachi Literature Festival 2017 was a true treat for mind. It made me realize the importance of words, the importance of literature and the importance of those unsung writers who don’t get the acknowledgement they truly deserve. Definitely looking forward to the next edition of Karachi Literature Festival.

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