New Rooh Afza TVC Made Me Recall Childhood Memories


I was watching my favorite TV drama with my one year on my lap when during a commercial, break something caught my attention, that was the new Rooh Afza ad. It got me hooked to the screen till the last second of the commercial because the story of father and daughter shown in the TVC is so compelling and relatable for me. It left me speechless and I started wondering if this is the same company that talked about the same product usage in their ad for decades. Indeed a new and fresh approach.

My so many memories were refreshed with this ad that i will cherish throughout my life. It reminded me how my life was with my parents before i got married. When in summers it used to be so hot, my mother always offer me chilled Rooh Afza drink after returned home from school before doing anything else. I was a Rooh Afza lover since my childhood, in weekends of Ramadan my father used to prepare it for me in sehri and separate one for iftar so i could be served with my favorite chilled drinks after breaking my fast. Watching this advertisement suddenly made me realize that soon my just a year old daughter would grow up, get married and I will be left with the same memories and emotions that my father has of mine right now. Time flies like anything, they say.

I saw this TVC on Blue Communication’s Facebook page which is the advertising agency behind the concept. The agency offers a variety of communications to clients and claims to be a full-fledged ad agency. I am sure they will continue the trend of coming up with out of the box concepts to transform the media industry in Pakistan. Check out their website for more details.





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