Shan Did What No One Else Has Done Before – #KhaanaWithParosi

If we look around, all we see are brands advertising left, right and center. This has somewhat diminished the charm of advertising and savvy consumers are less likely to be wowed with the clichéd ads. Considering the scenario, Shan came up as a cutter breaker with its new TVS #KhaanaWithParosi.

The TVC shows us a new dimension of advertising altogether. For the first time in the history of Pakistan (as long as I remember), someone tried to depict the relationship between Pakistan and China in a thoughtful manner. Before that all we heard and saw were either empty promises or photo-shoots.

Anyway, coming back to the new TVC by Shan, we see a Chinese couple who try to mingle with the locals in Lahore. And the best way they figure out to reach these people is FOOD. Yes, you heard me right. Food is what connects us all. So, the easiest way this Chinese girl figures out is use Shan spices to make an aesthetically looking biryani. She takes the food made to her neighborhood and astonishes everyone with her cooking skills, thanks to the recipe on the back of the packet from where I learned to make several dishes too 😀

Needless to say, this campaign is the need of the hour. When CPEC is there and Pakistan and China are finding new ways to bound together for a better future, this TVC will definitely work wonders!



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