Make up Studio Bloggers Meet at Lucky One Mall

Makeup is something most girls can’t resist to. This perhaps is the reason, I ran to Lucky One Mall when I heard there is a bloggers meet that is happening at Make-up City. Matlab, it is like going to heaven :p


When I reached there, I spotted many fellow bloggers as well. The brand manager, Asad, was himself there to elaborate about the brands available at Make-up City. Thankfully, they have started stocking up GOSH in all their outlets. Not only this, the Swedish brand is one of the best brands when it comes to getting flawless glamorous looks.


Make-up City already has Sweet Touch, a daily wear brand that every Pakistani girl must have used in their lifetime. I am a big fan of their face powder and lipsticks. They usually have subtle colors that are difficult to find in other brands. So, what I do is, buy a lip color, note down is number and stock it again whenever the one I’m using is about to end.


Kryolan, famous for their paint sticks that won’t melt is also available at Make-up City. Nadia Hussain, a renowned celebrity who also owns a parlor, was also invited to the launch. She told us that she also uses the sticks while doing make-upon clients.


Next up was Framesi. A brand is well-known among all makeupholics. Then they have Janssen Cosmetics that is mostly consumed by high end salons because of its superior quality. The good thing is that due to its availability, now individuals can also get their hands on the brand.


All in all, it was an interesting session that ended up with Nadia Hussain answering bloggers queries.



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