Why Lucky One Mall is a Must-Visit for every Shopaholic

Pakistan is progressing and so is Karachi. After hearing a lot about the recently opened Lucky One Mall, I decided to visit it with my sister and her chulbulay bachay. Though the mall is still taking its time to be fully functional, I am happy I went there.

Here is a list of things you should expect when visiting the mall

  1. Shopping Galore

From finding high end retail outlets to affordable luxury brands, the mall is a heaven for any shopaholic. I was surprised to see brands that were once available only that side of the bridge, but thanks to the mall, I don’t have to go all the to Clifton to shop again. Be it clothing brands, shoes stores or lingerie shops, the mall has them all.



    2. Branded Lingerie Stores

Yes, good lingerie isn’t a dream anymore or you don’t have to go abroad, every time you need the ‘stock’. Though there are very few branded lingerie stores in Karachi, I felt excited to be at British Lingerie Studio (BLS) located in Lucky One Mall. The store is filled with comfortable lingerie variety and the staff is always there to help you with sizes and what will suit you better. The best thing about the outlet is there were guides posted across the shop to help you find the perfect bra cup. Also, BLS Studio believes in making every woman beautiful and make things available for them in the same manner. These are some of my one favorite pictures from inside the store.

While visiting the BLS Studio I was told that they import high quality lingerie from reputed brands and sell those in economical rates. Like I don’t have to break bank to afford some luxury lingerie wear. Already a fan. Guess who is going there the next time too? 🙂

  1. Onederland

Since my sister and I were with kids, the first thing we wanted was some play area where kids can have fun too. That’s why without any second thoughts we went to the top floor for which the kids thanked us later. After getting the card made, we left the kids in play area that cost us nothing more than Rs. 300/kid. The children can play as much as they want to in one hour. After they came outside, they were all fresh. Meanwhile, we had some time on hand to roam around and shop nearby. Please bear in mind that the security in the play area is commendable.

Definitely going to the mall next time and hoping that it becomes fully functional soon.


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