Passion for new Fashion!

Why is fashion every woman’s weakness? What makes her yearn for that Balmain Dress or those new Prada bags that smell like money? Is it the joy they feel when they hear other women gasp when they see her wearing the dress that’s “in” these days? Perhaps. Is it the fact that, deep down, even the most modest woman likes to show off her clothes and feel accepted? Maybe. But the main reason she wants to surround herself with gorgeous and ridiculously priced dresses is self-satisfaction. You are what you wear so if you want to keep yourself happy, you need to know about these latest fashion trends:-



PC: ~Elle~ Left to Right: Creatures of Comfort, Public School, Carolina Herrera, Yeezy, J.Crew

Stripes seem to be everywhere this year so you better clear up some closet space for some striped clothes but it’s best to stick to colors that don’t stand out. Instead, opt for more basic and classic colors like reds and blues! Keep it simple yet elegant by wearing some decent jewelry and neutral colored shoes that really stand out like sandals 😉

Robes when you don’t feel like dressing up


Who said getting ready meant wearing uncomfortable clothes that sometimes chafe? Getting ready to go out can be an effortless task if you just put on a comfy robe and pull it off with some funky accessories.

Hello, Yellow!


This summer, add a little color to your wardrobe by getting some yellow outfits. Yellow skirts or tops will surely make you stand out in a crowd and the happy, fun and sunny color will make you look super chic once paired with comfortable yet stylish shoes like Adidas’ sneakers or Black Ankle boots! If you want to look trendy this season then yellow is the color for you!


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