Top 3 Countries to Visit in SE.Asia


If you’re confused about where to go this summer then you’ve come to the right place because I’ll be telling you about the 6 best countries you can visit in Southeast Asia.No need to worry about the reliability of this list because I’ll be telling you everything from personal experience! Hope your passport’s up to date because you would not be able to waste any more time after reading this article!



This beautiful city is an amazing shopping destination where you can get all the designer brands as well as the good quality knock offs.The food is just amazing with such a variety of cuisines being served.Places you should check out include the famous Gardens by the Bay and Sentosa! It’s an expensive place so be sure to take at least $100/day.


2.Hong Kong


Hong is a place that will continue to surprise you throughout your visit.The people are kind and friendly.The food is delicious when it’s either Seafood or an Indian place because there aren’t many halal restaurants.Malls like Elements, Times Square, nd Festival Walk are really fun to explore because you can never get tired of shopping (amirite?) and the brands you find there aren’t in many other locations (so shop wisely!) The view of the Victoria Harbor is breathtaking so be sure to jump on a cruise and also visit some Buddhist Temples like Man Ma near Stanley Street.$100-$150 a day is fine if you wish to spend less and explore more!

3.Bangkok, Thailand 


Bangkok is the cheapest place you can go to in Southeast Asia.In addition to the airfare being cheap, the accommodation, shopping, and food are also reasonably priced! Malls are usually HUGE and some seem like an open bazaar but all the products you need (and want) can be found there for such amazing prices.Malls worth a visit are Siam Paragon, MBK Mall, Terminal 21 and Platinum Mall.You should also visit the Wat Pho Temple, take a cruise down the Chao Praya River and end up at Asiatique Pier and enjoy the sunset!






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