Mcdonald’s Spreading Smiles Campaign

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Mcdonald’s “Spreading Smiles” Campaign is a very interesting and thoughtful campaign Pakistan’s favorite fast food chain has launched. The idea is to spread smiles on people’s faces by sharing a joke or doing anything else.

Personally, I love Mcdonald’s because I’ve been going there with friends and family for many years and they have never failed to bring a smile on my face with their delicious burgers and affordable desserts. I used to order their McChicken at 3 am in the morning during Ramadan and used to binge watch my favorite series till 6 am! That was the best time because the food was delivered within an hour and it was hot and fresh so what more could anyone want? Mcdonald’s has been my go-to place ever since it opened in Pakistan! I really like their beef burgers as well, though!

Mcdonald’s asked people what made them smile and they received an overwhelming response. People took to social media and told them what made them smile from good grades to free gifts, people told Mcdonald’s about all the things that were successful in bringing a smile on their faces.They were also asked how they spread smiles and some responses were really heartwarming like feeding the poor or giving new clothes to the orphans. In this campaign that they launched this Ramadan, Mcdonald’s challenged their employees to make their customers happy by somehow bringing a smile to their faces. They could tell them a joke or do funny tricks to keep the customers satisfied and happy because they believe that the bigger the smile, the bigger the happiness and this challenge was then extended to everyone in Pakistan.

This is such a well thought of campaign because its aim is to bring a smile on people’s faces at a time when there is so much pain, sorrow, and depression in many people’s lives which is why this is a very good idea which will encourage people to do more good deeds and hope to bring a smile on someone’s face. Do check out Mcdonald’s page to know more about the campaign and visit your nearest Mcdonald’s to share the happiness!

Check out their video on my Instagram page :-


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