Blue Band TVC #achayibarhnedo

There are many people in Pakistan who are disabled, either mentally or physically and our society has socially excluded these people on the basis of their disabilities. Nevertheless, there are still many organizations and brands that are trying to create awareness through their posters, billboards or television commercials.

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A befitting example is Blue Band’s latest TVC. It shows a boy who goes out to play throw ball with his friends with one arm behind his back. His mother, who is watching him play like this from the Kitchen window, is confused as to what her son is doing. Then when another boy comes to play, we are shown that he is physically disabled which is when all the other children put one hand inside their shirt and continue to play with the boy with one hand, ensuring that there is fair play.

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This concept is beautifully executed by the children and is surely going to give you goosebumps. It’s a wakeup call for all those people who do not include disabled people in any activity. This TVC conveys a message of empathy. Rather than feeling sorry for the challenged individuals, we should put ourselves in their shoes and see how they feel to truly understand them.

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The TVC ends with the tagline “Jab Blue Band Khayal Rakhein Inki Sehat Ka, Toh Aap Khayal Rakh Sakti Hain Inki Tarbiyat Ka” which is enough to make us melt inside and think about teaching the future generations to never make anyone, who is challenged, feel uncomfortable or underprivileged.

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Blue Band brilliantly conveyed a message that the Pakistani people needed to hear while subtly advertising their product as well. Simply Brilliant!


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