Ramzan Transmission that Won Our Hearts

Over the past few years, Ramzan Transmissions have taken a toll. Each transmission is trying to stabd out by creating a USP. However, not everyone is successfulin getting the attention of audience. This year, i happened to watch #EhedeRamzan transmission on Express Entertainment and to me, this seems to be the best one due to many reasons.


Firstly, the transmission was hosted by Javeria Saud and Imran Abbas. Both of them know how to engage people while being compassionate and sophisticated.


The transmission turned out to be promising and enlightening as it was rich in knowledge, loaded with deen and duniya information and above all a motive to serve humanity.


There was a special segment for na’at khuwans where either the young blood like Imran Abbas recited the na’ats of famous people or renowned na’at khuwaans were invited to read their na’ats live. No doubt it was the best thing to have happened in a live transmission.

The objective behind this segment  was to keep our renowned Na’at Khawans alive in our hearts especially among our youth. This was one of the reasons that tribute was paid to Syed Fasihuddin Soharwardy, Amjad Sabri and Junaid Jamshed.


The show also threw light on the positive aspects of the society. Promoted those who are doing good for the people and aboveall, recognised the efforts of social media influencers and bloggers who are putting in a lot of effort to generate content and making it reach to people who have otherwise moved away from traditional modes of entertainment i.e. TV and newspaper but areactively available on social media.

Looking forward to another exciting transmission by Express Entertainment in the next Ramzan.






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