Living Your Life Is #NotAFailure

Each day we see a number of sponsored or paid content on our timelines, thanks to influencer marketing. However, not all the hashtags make us click on them and follow the content.

One such interesting campaign that recently caught my attention belongs to National Food Limited. While I was reading stories on #NotAFailure, I came across this TVC on my Twitter.

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3 Pasta dishes You’re Missing Out On!

Whenever we go out to eat or order in and we don’t like what is on the menu (mostly because we can’t pronounce the dish’s name ) the safest bet is Pasta because what can go wrong with Pasta.Even though everyone loves all types of Pasta dishes, we are never completely satisfied with the taste and are always looking for that Pasta that will blow your socks off.In order to help you fulfill that dream of finding the right Pasta, here are 3 Pasta Dishes that will have you head over heels for them! Continue reading