Measles Vaccination Drive in Pakistan

The day my newborn baby and I were discharged from the hospital, my doctor told me to get done with her the vaccinations on time as they play a vital role in the development of a child. Continue reading


Top 3 Countries to Visit in SE.Asia


If you’re confused about where to go this summer then you’ve come to the right place because I’ll be telling you about the 6 best countries you can visit in Southeast Asia.No need to worry about the reliability of this list because I’ll be telling you everything from personal experience! Hope your passport’s up to date because you would not be able to waste any more time after reading this article! Continue reading

3 Things you can’t miss in Athens,Greece!

Greece is a popular tourist destination yet people still struggle to have a good Greek experience.I’m going to be giving you some tips on where to go and what to do so that you don’t waste time stressing out during your vacation.

The ideal months to visit Greece in are August to November when it’s a little chilly but you can still feel the warmth.Athens Eleftherios Airport isn’t that big and you’ll be out in the city within the hour of your arrival~The people are extremely friendly and welcoming and are particularly fond of Pakistanis! Continue reading