Nurpur TVC Review: It Will Make You Fall in Love with Milk…Yet Again

If you ask me, milk is the most underrated commodity. There was a time when no advertisements were done to captivate the attention of customers. However, with the passage of time, brands realized the potential in this segment and began marketing their milk as the most important commodity in a man’s life. Though everyone recognized this fact already in their subconscious mind, banded milk advertisements made loud and clear statements to reinstate the fact strongly. Having said that, each brand came up with their own USP to attract consumers.

Among all this, Nurpur positioned itself as a brand that it true to its “promise” of providing pure milk to the customers. And trust me, never did once they do mention it in their TVC. In fact, the TVC uses an undertone to communicate the message. There are no dialogues involved and the soothing music takes you back to imagining your own family life. To create an emotional connection, there are two cute children who are helping their mom in the kitchen. Sounds familiar, eh? Yes, because admit it or not, we all have tried doing it at some point in our lives. It shows a traditional morning routine of a happy family who is enjoying the most important meal of the day i.e. breakfast. The close up shots of food, tempting sights and whiteness of the milk that is highlighted again and again is a reminder of how pure is their main band attribute.

This is not the first time Nurpur has come up with such an aesthetically pleasant TVC that resonates in our minds. I clearly remember how I used to wait for their brilliant TVC right before Sehri time last Ramzan. I think that was the first ad after the rebranding and repositioning of the brand. I am glad the brand has not lost the tack and is still keeping its uniqueness intact with this new TVC. Definitely looking forward to what they have to offer next!

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5 Beauty Hacks That Can Save Your Life

Life is busy. Each of us is fighting a war against time. It is like too much to be done in too less time, right? At the same time, you have to look after yourself as well. Being a woman, you have to do hair to look good, make up to look perfect and what not? Sounds tough, eh? But what if I told there are some quick beauty tips to help you get ready in minutes instead of hours, and that too effortlessly? Yes, it is possible.
Without wasting any more time, let us take a look at some life-saving beauty hacks that have always saved me whenever I was in beauty emergency.

1.     Fix an Overgrown or Chipped Manicure with an Ombré Effect

No matter how good nail color you have used, after some time, it will either start to fade away or reveal the grown plain nail. For this, you do not have to reapply the lacquer; here is a quick and long lasting fix: use glitter to cover up the plain area. It will look pretty and chic.


2.     Use Your Lipstick Enhance Your Cheekbone and Eyes

You do not have to carry around a whole make up kit with you all the time. Learn about the multiple uses of a lipstick. It is easy to carry and occupies less space in your bag. Just keep a peach, pink or red lip color with you (according to your skin tone) and use it on your cheeks and eyes to add a little color to your features, and it is done.


3.     Use Petroleum Jelly to Wipe Off a Messy Eye Liner

Want to apply a perfectly winged eyeliner but cannot pull it off in one go? Here is a tip, apply some petroleum jelly on a cotton swab and remove all the traces of imperfect eyeliner. Now try applying the liner again, and again, if required, unless you get the desired style.


Use Nude Eye Pencil to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

There is one thing that always fascinates me in every Disney princess and that is the big beautiful eyes they all have. I always wanted my eyes to look like that and recently found out the secret to having such eyes. The trick is simple. You have to use a nude eye pencil on the lower eyelid to make the eyes look big and wide awake.


5.     Get Smoky Eyes in Seconds

So, you have to go to a party right after the work and you do not have much time, no problem at all. Just smudge the eyeliner that you have been wearing since morning and it is done!


You do not have to spend hours to look beautiful. Just know about the right product and its right application at the right time and you are ready to rock anywhere.